DSG Tuning

Required for all North American and some International 2.0L CR TDIs, before using most of our performance engine tunes. Virtually all factory 110-140HP DSG software has a 258 ft-lb torque limiter, which is well below our Stage 1 ECU tune’s torque. The factory TDI Cup race cars have a 368 ft-lb torque limiter.

Any performance ECU (engine) tune that attempts to produce more torque than the DSG’s stock limit will most likely result in degraded shifting quality and torque limitation. Many customers have turned to us for this very reason. DSGs are increasingly modern technology and their computers are as important to tune as the ECU.

Many tuners claim that DSG tuning is not required, yet they do not have any DSG tuning solution to begin with. One common reason for this is the logistics involved in developing & supplying DSG flashing hardware to a large dealer network. It takes time, so for now only their ECU tunes are readily available. If you want a factory quality tuning solution, then do not settle halfway with just an ECU tune. Consider getting our complete tuning package.

Our DSG software has the following features: Raised torque limiter, slightly increased clutch pressure, add gear number indicator in instrument cluster in all DSG modes, retain OEM-like gearshift smoothness (or smoother), optimized shift points for faster acceleration, disabled kick-down in Manual mode (based on genuine DSG software from the TDI Cup race series), disabled up-shift in Manual mode (based on genuine DSG software from the TDI Cup race series), and in most cases launch control is added. Not all cars are able to take advantage of all these features, for example some 2012-2013 Passat TDIs may not show gear number in D mode.